Resources & Inspiration

Healthy eating / food blogs

Choosing Raw – Gena articulates her balanced approach to nutrition in an honest, relatable way. I highly recommend reading her article on fads and a healthy approach to healthy eating. 

Earthsprout – Elenore is the blogger version of an adorable kitten video: you’re guaranteed to be left smiling and full of warm fuzzy feelings after reading one of her posts.

My New Roots – Sarah has a lovely way with words, and the nutritional information she provides with each recipe is enlightening, interesting, and makes me want to make everything she posts right away (case in point: how yummy do these look?).

Sprouted Kitchen – I have followed quite a few of Sara’s recipes and the result has always been so, so delicious (the photographs look good enough to eat as it is!)

Wayfaring Chocolate – Hannah no longer writes, but her blog archives are worth a visit anyway. They are jam packed with delicious, mostly vegan recipes, and reviews of chocolate worded in such a way that I swear I’m eating the stuff myself.

Hungry and Frozen – Laura’s recipes are by no means strictly “healthy” but each one sounds wonderful (even if I have to avoid a lot of them on account of dairy-overload. Sigh). Still, I have to include Laura’s blog here because it’s just too damn good. The variety of recipe ideas (almost all her own! She’s a talented kid alright) and her writing are reason enough.

Food Politics

Agencies for Nutrition Action (NZ) – ANA aims to “connect people, organisations and communities to the cause of improving nutrition and increasing physical activity in Aotearoa. We do this by linking them to news, events, research, resources and much more.”

Sustain (UK) – Sustain advocate for “better food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals, improve the working and living environment, enrich society and culture and promote equity.”

Food Tank (USA) – This ‘think tank’ offers “solutions and environmentally sustainable ways of alleviating hunger, obesity, and poverty by creating a network of connections and information for us to consume and share.”

Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN (global) – FAO concerns itself primarily with food security, “to make sure people have regular access to enough high-quality food to lead active, healthy lives.”

Fair Food International (global) – “Fairfood International is a vital part of the global movement of people who are passionate about creating change towards a sustainable food and beverage industry.”

Fellow hippies eco-warriors, greenies and v*gans 

Rebel Grrrl Kitchen – I can’t write about food without writing about justice, says Raechel. This sentiment, along with her tasty recipes and links to YouTube clips of baby pigs, makes her a blogger after my own heart.

Rosie Glow Wellness – If you’re holding a mug of drink whilst reading Rosie’s blog, I suggest you put it down and don’t sip til  you’re finished, lest you choke from laughing too hard. Rosie is one witty cookie, as well as being a great writer and standing for the same things that I do (i.e. healthy, green living, food politics, and – most importantly – catpaint).

LOHAS – LOHAS stands for ‘Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability.’ Here you’ll find sassy advice and info on green living, alongside delicious recipes from my dear friend Lene.

S Y S T E M C O N S C I E N C E M E – Sarah’s writing is smart and funny – she’ll have you paused for thought, or feeling ready to take on the world in a revolt against mindless consumerism. Woohoo! I also feel incredibly lucky to call her my flatmate and friend (oh, and fellow pirate!) : )


TED TALK: Global food waste scandal – this is an eyeopening account of exactly what is wrong with our global food system (it helps that Tristram Stuart is also easy on the eyes ; ) ) (you might also like to read my post on this here).

Seeds of Freedom – A beautifully shot and narrated film that, “charts the story of seed from its roots at the heart of traditional, diversity rich farming systems across the world, to being transformed into a powerful commodity, used to monopolise the global food system.”


Eating Animals – An incredibly important and beautiful read (Jonathan Safron Foer knows how to use his words), which lead to my becoming vegetarian for 4 years. Whilst I no longer identify as such, my diet is still largely plant based. Whether you choose to eschew meat altogether, or would like to know a bit more about why it’s important we should all cut back on our meat consumption, this book should be on your reading list!

Good Health in the 21st Century – Few people seem to know about this book, which is a shame. It’s a very thoughtfully laid out ‘guide’ to healthy nutrition: Carole Hungerford backs up her arguments with current findings in scientific literature, as well as an in depth look at human physiology. It’s a great book if you would like a doctor’s perspective on why a plant-strong diet is so important (alongside critical commentary on our current medical system).

The China Study – I won this book via PlantStrongHappy – a great new blog recently started by Pam, who is also the author behind the gorgeous blog Mi Vida Contigo. I’m only part way through the book, but already I know it’s one I’ll keep referring back to.


The Story of Stuff Project – I pretty much had an existential crisis when I watched The Story of Stuff for the first time about 5 years ago (that really is only a mild exaggeration). I’m a big supporter of their ongoing efforts to make us aware of the problems with Stuff, and their blog serves as a source of lots of helpful info.

GOOD + you – A community of people who give a damn. ‘Nuff said.

Decolonizing Yoga – Aims to support “the voices of queer people, people of color, disability activists and more, in relationship to yoga and countering oppression in general.”

The Cost of Living – A site “for all people interested in the politics, economics and sociology of health and health care. We aim to provide a vibrant mix of topical comment pieces, analytical features, and contemporary reviews, related to health, medicine and health care.”

Yes! Magazine – A “non-profit, ad-free magazine that covers topics of social justice, environmental sustainability, alternative economics, and peace.”

Because laughter is the best medicine

Hyperbole-and-a-half – probably the funniest things I have seen/read, ever. Like, ever.

These lists will keep growing, so check back! Also, if there are particular blogs, books, videos or other resources that you would like to recommend, please note them in the comments below!




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  1. eco-warrior- I love it!!! Please only refer to me like that from now on. (Speak after me for practice: “Hey, eco-warrior, isn’t it your turn to clean the bathroom?” “Hey, eco-warrior, would you pass me the soy milk?” “So, this is my friend eco-warrior. Eco-warrior, this is Tom. You guys will totally hit it off!” “Eco-warrior? Are you home?” “Oh, thanks, I borrowed this hat from my roommate eco-warrior” Now make up your own sentences!)

  2. This is a seriously attractive, interesting and well written blog. I’m not surprised it was freshly pressed. Congrats.

  3. I just saw this for the first time! You are such a dear! If you ever find yourself in the states, can we instantly become best friends IRL?

    Really, truly THANK YOU.

    1. YES. I have always wanted to go to Chicago and hanging with the likes of you would be totally rad. If you’re ever in little ol’ NZ, make sure to let me know! X

    1. haha. You can be the judge of that if you give them a go! I’m honoured by the way that the obnoxious owl stopped by – I know I rarely comment, but I love your blog 🙂

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