My poor little blog. I am still so fond of it (and of you!), and yet I’ve left it once again to gather dust bunnies.

Dust bunnies in Spirited Away aka one of the bestest movies of all time

But rather than announcing my return, I’ve come to say this: I haven’t found I’ve been tempted to write as much these days as I have been to make and do things with my hands and body (OOHH, KINKY). My last post was about my need to up the self care, and so, amidst the chaos of a trillion visitors, I managed to implement that somewhat, and now I’m feeling a lot, LOT better. And I felt inspired enough to start an Instagram account to follow some of the inspiring people/ideas out there (and document my own progress). If you’re on Instagram, come say hi 🙂 You can find me here. And follow me if you like… it would make a change from a few of the followers I’ve gained so far (‘GET 100000+ FOLLOWERS INSTANTLY!! THIS REALLY WORKS!!!’). Yeesh.

So I will see you there, or at the very least on your blogs – I try and make time to sit and read my favourites (although I’m more of a silent stalker these days and haven’t been commenting as much… but if you have hits from Australia, chances are I’m one of them *tips hat*).

With love,

Natalia x


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