Illustration by AurabooArt

I’m imagining myself coming back to this space armed with a metaphorical broom and cloth; the dust has settled, but it’s clear this house can still be a home for my ideas and the things I’d like to share. I’ve picked through old posts carefully, wiped the dust away mindfully, and though I never really forgot, I’ve been reminded again why I like this space, this blogging-thingy-ma-jig so much.

So I’m back: a new year, fewer distractions, and with the silly season behind me, I’ve finally made the time to put fingers to keyboard and WRITE again.

I’m going to keep my holiday recap brief. November and December were FUN. Something you should know: I’m a Christmas FREAK (I’m not religious, so my love for Christmas is centred on Santa, food, more food, even more food, and feeling lucky enough to be surrounded by people I love. Oh, and fairy lights. I fucking LOVE fairy lights). I start playing Christmas songs in November (sorry flatmates and family members, but you can’t say you weren’t warned. This Xmas’ favourite was Mariah’s Oh Santa!); healthy food goes out the window (hello, copious amounts of chocolate and sugar. Do I feel bad about it? NO!!); and most afternoons I was left in a gleeful stupor, having spent them making paper snowflakes, paper chains, and hanging the tackiest, most delightfully sparkly things I could find all round the house. And for the third year in a row, I made a ginger bread house. Two gingerbread houses, actually, because my parents are kind and let me loose in the kitchen. One was a present for a friend’s children*.

  1476546_10152071633904029_859666842_n      946727_10152069598219029_488999727_n

I rang in 2014 with a couple of amazing ladies – we drank wine, danced around the living room, and went to bed at 12.10am… #beingananaiscool. The next night was spent out on the town until 3am; the preferred night to celebrate because the pressure, expectation and craziness of the 31st is gone, and we’re just left with the knowledge that a whoooole new year is ahead of us. And dudes, I’m excited! If 2013 was anything to go by, 2014 will be a cracker.

Happy New Year to you, my sparkly friends : )

*I went through a phase last year of not wanting children. Christmas, among other things, changed my mind about this: After all, I’m going to need gingerbread house-making minions in the future, when I try and outdo myself and end up making gingerbread mansions. I told you, christmas freak 😉



  1. I could copy/paste your love-of-Christmas explanation as my own! I feel the same way. And also totally true about the children thing too! I have too much crafty/cookie-baking/Christmas song-enthusiasm to not share with babies, you know? Glad yr back, lady. xoxox

  2. How weird is it that I’ve watched that video of you stomping on the ginger bread house about 30 times by now? Every time I come across it, I click play repeatedly… I guess Freud would have to say something about the satisfaction I derive from watching a good friend and fellow feminist trample on the epitome of temptation. I would also like to hint at the vanitas symbolism of this scene, a metaphor every melancholic enjoys. And this was enough pretentious nerdiness for more than one comment, so I’ll leave it at that. Glad you’re back, soul sistah!!!!!

    • vanitas symbolism? You’ll have to explain that one to me missy 😉 I am glad you enjoy the video, for the simple as well as the complicated reasons for this enjoyment, hehe. Much love!! xxx

    • The door is always open to you! ESPECIALLY if you show up in your sequinned jumpsuit. I would don my own glittery attire, and together we’d probably outsparkle the christmas tree. I really do look forward to that day!!

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