On Sunday, I returned from a week of having been away where I was getting edumacated at my university’s other campus (520km from here). And I did get edumacated (anyone up for a debate about the ethics of psychology and professional practice?), but I also got a variety of other things: 5+ coffees a day; spinach and cheese pastries for lunch; enough chocolate to give 50 dogs toxic shock; and take-outs for dinner every night (of the fried and noodled variety). Throw in a decent amount of alcohol, and I really don’t know how I can claim to have any right to be writing a health blog.

My poor liver.


So this week is about getting myself on the bandwagon again – green smoothies, carrot juices, and nutritious dinners are on the menu; and limiting carbs, sugar, coffee and alcohol is the goal (with the exception of a flat warming this weekend 😉 ).

And with any luck, my liver will be feeling a little more like this very soon:


Hope you all have a great week! : )


10 thoughts on “LIVER LOVIN’”

  1. Destroying livers. So fun, so terrible. Reboots are always excellent. I think it’s great that you are a “healthy living blogger,” because most of us attempting to be “healthy” are also fallible humans that like to have a good time too. So seeing ways to bounce back after those times is more helpful than seeing perfection that most of us will never attain. (and thank goodness, right?).

    1. Thank you Raechel : ) (also, it’s so cool to have you back in the blogosphere!). I agree, “being healthy” should be seen as a windy, sometimes bumpy journey rather than a perfect, pass/fail sort of thing – it makes life more enjoyable too!

    1. Hey E!! Thanks for stopping by – I’ve been a terrible blogger/blog friend and have been v absent, but im totes going to head over your way soon – put the (virtual) kettle on : ) x ps yes, I did draw those silly livers – glad you like ’em : P

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