September 17, 2013 § 10 Comments

On Sunday, I returned from a week of having been away where I was getting edumacated at my university’s other campus (520km from here). And I did get edumacated (anyone up for a debate about the ethics of psychology and professional practice?), but I also got a variety of other things: 5+ coffees a day; spinach and cheese pastries for lunch; enough chocolate to give 50 dogs toxic shock; and take-outs for dinner every night (of the fried and noodled variety). Throw in a decent amount of alcohol, and I really don’t know how I can claim to have any right to be writing a health blog.

My poor liver.


So this week is about getting myself on the bandwagon again – green smoothies, carrot juices, and nutritious dinners are on the menu; and limiting carbs, sugar, coffee and alcohol is the goal (with the exception of a flat warming this weekend 😉 ).

And with any luck, my liver will be feeling a little more like this very soon:


Hope you all have a great week! : )


§ 10 Responses to LIVER LOVIN’

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