I came across this recipe for ‘Rooibos infused bircher muesli w berry delight’ last night, and the minute I finished reading the post, I marched myself to the kitchen and put together my own version with as many of the things Elenore mentions that I could find in my own pantry.

I don’t actually like rooibos tea, but some time ago I found rooibos tea that has been infused with chai spices, and people, it’s a REVELATION. This stuff is my go-to tea of choice (and that means a lot, coming from a tea-holic Brit 😉 ). So I replaced the rooibos Elenore calls for in her recipe with this chai version; skipped the quinoa flakes, buckwheat flakes & hemp hearts because I didn’t have any; and added some cinnamon and honey to complement the chai flavours. Elenore’s recipe has a great mix of cherries, raspberries and red currants in hers, but all I had were raspberries. Still, though decidedly simpler, my version was still really good! I added layers of yoghurt, because I had some that needed using up.

The result was a creamy, summery breakfast that belied the grey skies outside (but reminded me that summer is not *too* far away! And I. Can’t. Wait. !).

If you’d like to recreate this, I think following Elenore’s recipe, but adding chai tea (or chai spices) to the mix would do the trick : )



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