Yeah, buses

If Auckland got its act together and invested some energy and money into an efficient public transport system, I’d feel like this about buses too.

An apple a day

The way food impacts our mental state is something I’m really interested in. This study suggests there is an association between eating your fruit and veggies and feeling positive (Give me an A! Give me a P! Give me another P! Give me an L! Give me an E! Give me an S! Gooooooo Apples!!). Obvs, these studies need to be treated with a healthy dose of scientific skepticism, but the cumulative research (so far) does suggest that if you’re happy and you know it, you’re probably eating some healthy chow.

Panda Persuasion

This hilarious post on vegetarianism was written by a woman I’m lucky enough to live with AND call a friend. #feelinglucky

Mouse Moose Mousse 

This hardly counts as a recipe, but I’ve had it bookmarked for aaages, on account of my loving chocolate mousse and this recipe seems to offer a very simple way of indulging in some!



    • Carole Hungerford talks about some really interesting research on mental health and food in her book, ’21st century health’ if you’re looking for some other resources : ) x

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