The Box Trolls

Can’t wait to see this!

Health in all Policies

This document was released following the 8th Global Health Promotion Conference in Helsinki. It’s a hard hitting declaration that identifies the opposition to health and equity that comes from powerful economic forces and vested business interests. The document places “Health in all policies” higher up the international health agenda and calls on governments to act to promote these ends. ANA say, “it has the potential to be as important a document as the Ottawa Charter.”

The Pig Idea

This is such a good idea, and a fantastic website! Oink oink.

Magic sauce

I make this all. the. time.  because it’s the bomb diggity. Alls I am saying is, you should make it too.




  1. I just teared up over the Helsinki thing. Literally. Wow, I had no idea I cared so much! Or is it just that time of the month?! Well, as you know: I’m a happy crier. This makes me happy. Please, please, please, make them be heard…

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