❤ Dustin

This video has gone viral, and deservedly so. Watch this wonderful interview with Dustin Hoffman if you haven’t already.

The Ultimate Food Label

At the moment, in NZ, there are ongoing debates about food labelling. NZ has decided to monitor our Ozzie neighbours, who have just decided to implement a star system for rating food, and based on the results, NZ will potentially follow suit in a couple of years time. But how awesome would it be if this was our system??

Book review: Unequal Health 

Hannah Bradby wrote this particularly interesting review of Danny Dorling’s book, ‘Unequal Health.’ The book itself touches on ‘global suffering, hope and despair, justice and iniquity.’ Additionally, Dorling promotes Scandinavian models of public health as those that the likes of the UK and USA should look to, to improve their own failing health care systems. However, Bradby questions Dorling’s analysis, citing Sweden’s own failings, which includes “the quiet, unofficial operation of discrimination, in the face of liberal and progressive intentions and legislation for equity.” The article also provides some interesting links for further discussion.

To cure ills

Right now, I’m sick. On wednesday night, I started feeling a bit crappy, and by thursday morning, it had turned into a raging head cold. Nothing so bad that I haven’t been able function, but bad enough to leave me feeling a little sorry for myself. I’m hoping to make this smoothie, which I found in the Earthsprout archives, and which Elenore promises will leave me feeling a little more alive again! (Last night, instead of going out, I stayed home, made tea and watched Brave – that made me feel a lot better too : ) )



    • Aw, thank you! There are a lot of nettles in the south island, but it’s true – I haven’t seen any here either… the smoothie might have to wait til we get to Queenstown!

    • Thank you Christy 🙂 I’m actually going home on wednesday for my brother’s bday – I might be 25, but the thought of going home and being fed soup by my mum is enough to make me feel better ; )
      I loved Brave! I love Disney in general : )

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