Easy peasy (healthy!) pad thai

Plant Strong Happy is a blog that was started by Pam, who I have mentioned before. The blog itself is on hiatus, but even in its infancy it’s aesthetically lovely, and I’ve had a few of the recipes bookmarked for aaages. One of these recipes is for a ‘quick and healthy pad thai.’ And I LOVE pad thai: the subtle, nutty peanut-butter flavours complement the tart, bittersweet notes of lime juice; noodles give it a great texture, as do crunchy pieces of carrot and firm mung bean sprouts. So I wouldn’t want to pass up the opportunity to make a quick, easy and healthy version myself!

I won’t post the recipe here, because I did little to change the original. The only things I did do was to add some sesame seeds, and I skipped the tofu simply because I didn’t have any on hand – the result was still yummy. Click here to have a go at making it yourself : )



  1. Pad Thai is a regular dinner in this household here! We love it! To be honest, I never add pb, but maybe I should change it up and try it with pb next time. Thanks Tali and Pam!

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