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I have a tenuous relationship with running. There was the honeymoon period last year – that’s when we fell in love. It was a whirlwind romance: I bought new trainers at the beginning of the year, and that same day, I pounded the pavement. My heart felt alive, and my body ached in a good way when afterwards I collapsed in a sweaty, happy heap on the couch.

And then running hurt me. “Plantar fasciitis.” I couldn’t run for 6 weeks, and it broke my heart.

I returned, but things were changed. Could I trust running not to hurt me again?

As it turned out, no. Because it did – my shins, and then my hips. But it was my fault too – I pushed too hard, expected too much, too soon. It takes two to tango, right?

Our relationship is very casual now – I run occasionally, and most often on a treadmill at the gym. But I want it to be more than that, mean more to me than that.

So I’m making a commitment to running outside, 3 times a week, starting this week.

I’m not expecting the world, but a half-marathon somewhere along the line would be nice. I’ll keep you updated.



  1. Whoop whoop! Good luck, Tali! I kind of have to smile at the image of us both rrreeeaaally carefully running around Hillcrest, frequently casting scared glances at our feet to make sure they’re not in danger of getting hurt…

  2. Thanks for this inspiration! I’ve been tentatively jogging lately. I’d love to find a park close by though, because it’s so much more enjoyable to be surrounded by nature than pounding on pavement and dodging traffic.

  3. I keep looking down to see if my shoelaces haven’t come untied. Tripping and falling would be so traumatic for me. Good luck. I sort of have a half-marathon half-goal as well. It floats around in my mind until I tell it to stop.

  4. Good luck! Running is the best 🙂 I’ve had injury off and on for a long time with running – definitely worth getting your shoes checked, and I can recommend getting a foam roller to stretch out all your leg muscles.

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