Five Funniest Cat GIFs Of The Week

Um, the title says it all. This might just make your weekend.

How much ‘power’ is there really in the ‘now’?

Another great article from ‘Decolonizing Yoga’ – this time, Be writes on why we should not equate having a ‘clear mind’ with social change. Be says, There can be lots of “nice” people who are calm and do things in a “sacred” manner and yet be completely oblivious to the ways in which the surrounding culture pollutes, oppresses and marginalizes people. 

So there.

I’m loving this list of answers to give in response to people who say, “capitalism is the only way.” (btw, ‘YES! Magazine’ is my new favourite thing – check it out!).


Sweet potatoes – or ‘kumara,’ as we say here in kiwi land – are the bees knees. They are the macaroni to my cheese; the jam to my peanut butter… you get my drift. Lately we’ve been cooking with kumara quite a lot – I usually just toss ’em in some olive oil, then dust them with pink salt, some rosemary, and roast them for an hour. But I’m hoping to get a little more creative the next time I make something with these sweet, so-much-better-than-plain-old-potatoes. I think I might go with this recipe for ‘Sweet Potato Chilli with Kale’ – it sounds like the perfect thing for a cold winter’s day.



  1. Oh.Em.Gee. I think this is yr best list yet! I love all these links so much! (The kitties made me LOL in the public coffee shop where I’m reading this). I love love love the DY article and the Yes mag article. So on point. And I’ll have to bookmark that chilli for a few months from now. : )

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! ps. Cat related things have made me LOL more than once in public places ; ) (but I figure most people understand – there aren’t too many things funnier than cats doing their thing).

  2. Sweet potatoes! I’ve seen so many great recipes online, and for some reason I haven’t had one in forever. I believe both and have some great ideas!
    Checked out Yes Magazine and I’m loving that list of answers. Oh my goodness, I need to use some of those in convos I usually avoid with some people, haha 🙂

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