A day in the life

The view from my cosy spot at the university library. There was thunder and lightning that time. Today there was a rainbow. I can’t decide which I like better?

Takapuna beach. I’ve always wanted to live near a beach – I’ll take ‘a 5 minute drive to this one from my house’ as an acceptable fulfilment of this dream.

A blueberry smoothie from Mimosa. Mmmmm…

I miss this guy on the daily. His name is Marshall (aka Marshy, Marshmallow, fattypants), after Marshall Eriksen. He lives with my parents. He’s my spirit animal. (Well, he’s sort of everyones spirit animal, because he just loves humans THAT MUCH. He’s a bit of a floozy really, but I’m glad, because he turns even the biggest cat-sceptics into cat-lovers within 2 minutes of curling into their laps, and licking their hand with such ferocious affection that they’re forced to love him).



  1. Love this! That story about Marshall makes me happy and reminds me of my former cat, Oyster, who now lives with my mom. He’s basically a dog. No cat snobbery, no too-cool-for-school-ness, just pure love. Cuddles and kisses galore.

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