If These 10 Hybrid Animals Really Existed, The World Would Be A Better Place

Yes, yes it would.

Our Stories

Chimamanda Adichie is a gifted story teller. In this brilliant TED talk (thank you Sarah for showing it to me!), she shares the need for stories to be told about Africa that we don’t normally hear (Chimamanda herself is Nigerian). If your images of African countries are a collage of desert landscapes, desperate poverty, starving children and little else (like, admittedly, mine were), this video is a must-watch.

The Secret Life of the Classroom

The Brit’s have skillz when it comes to making documentaries, and they’ve done it again with this two part piece on children at preschool. As Kasia says, “even just the first 20 mins will have your heart exploding into tiny shards.” Mine did.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

When I traveled through Vietnam, I couldn’t get enough of vietnamese spring rolls. They’re delicate yet filling, and (obviously) delicious. And though they’re easy to make, I haven’t made them myself since visiting this beautiful country over 1 year ago. But E gee dee’s post has inspired me to give making them a go, and soon!



  1. I love Vietnamese spring rolls too – and like you, know they’re easy to make but still rarely manage it. Whenever I do, I am so glad I did though!

    Thanks for the other links too – I’m going to tuck the Secret Life of the Classroom away to watch when I have some time to do it justice 🙂

  2. I love spring rolls too!! Oh wait…that was me. It’s 10pm and I really want to click on the links you posted but I fear it will lead me to look up more and more TED talks (happens…very normal) and I just need to read a book, you know? Tomorrow I will though, especially the heart exploding one. I like those kinds of documentaries because they are the fly swatters in my insect of a life.

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