Cats in boxes

Cats have been featuring lots here lately, but I can’t help it – not having a cat of my own anymore means I’ve been getting withdrawal symptoms. Luckily, the internet is never short of cat things to look up. Like this collection of reader-submitted pictures of cats in boxes (thank you, internet).

The Global Food Waste Scandal

I’ll be writing a post on ‘dumpster diving’ soon… please watch this first!!

Calls for a Paradigm Shift

This interesting article touches on a current, heated issue: psychiatry’s “attitude” towards mental health, which is comprised of a predominantly biomedical model of mental distress. Many clinical psychologists are calling for the need to move away from this biomedical model, to one that places greater emphasis on societal and personal factors. I think it is important to acknowledge a biological basis to many of these illnesses, but I do agree that we are in danger of looking to pills and labels as a ‘quick fix’ to what is really a far more complex issue (also, we cannot ignore the pharmaceutical industry’s role/agenda in all of this…). This debate is a difficult one to have, and has important implications for anyone whose mental wellbeing is at stake. Whilst on the topic, I highly recommend reading Allie’s newest piece on depression – it is brilliant, funny, touching and incredibly enlightening (that she manages to make it all this is her true gift!).

Raw Genius

I love this blog. Healthy recipes are paired with photographs of lego figures and beautiful food. It doesn’t really make sense, but also… it’s quite genius, don’t you think? And this raw strawberry cream dream pie is DEFINITELY genius. I’m so excited to make it, and hopefully that will be very soon! Yum : )



    • I agree! Though in the professional sphere, it seems they have a rough time striking the right balance… it’s great it’s being talked about though!

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