This film documentary sounds equal parts disturbing and fascinating: “14-year-old Tom and his mother Francis adhere to a strict raw food diet (dairy, fish, meat and eggs are all off-limits). When it is discovered that Tom is malnourished, and not growing at the rate doctors think he should be, child welfare steps in. With remarkable access into one of the most curious trials of child abuse the Netherlands has ever seen, Rawer looks at contemporary debates about what we eat.” [Found via HRAFF].

Brring, brring! (that’s meant to be a bike bell noise, btw)

In 2010, and then again in 2011, I spent some time traveling through the Netherlands, Amsterdam and Copenhagen. There are many things to love about these places, but (and perhaps most famously), it is their bike culture that captured my heart. Bikes everywhere! Bike lanes everywhere! I almost got run over a squillion times by a bike, but I never cared because all I could think was, oh you good people, you! So it is with much bikey joy (?) that I share this news with you – Christchurch is set to have a bike system just like our Dutch and Danish friends! Woohoo!

I ♥ Bhutan

I fell in love with Bhutan many years ago after reading this book. It is unlikely to be a place I will ever visit, unless I have an opportunity to go that doesn’t involve my being a typical tourist. But regardless, it will always be a country I’ll think of as one I’d love to get to know – even if from a distance. So when Bhutan recently announced that it plans to become the first country in the world to turn its agriculture completely organic, banning the sales of pesticides and herbicides and relying on its own animals and farm waste for fertilisers, I sighed a happy sigh. Gyamtsho, Bhutan’s minister of agriculture and forestry, said “we are Buddhists… we believe in living in harmony with nature. Animals have the right to live; we like to to see plants happy and insects happy.” ♥ ♥

P is for autumn

Here in the southern hemisphere, it’s autumn time. The rain has set in, and though in Auckland’s subtropical climate the leaves aren’t as fiery as I’m used to, an earthy smell is in the air. And though I am a summer lover, I also LOVE pumpkin. And ’tis the season for this wonderful, orange food. I’ve been browsing the archives of my favourite blogs to unearth some recipes fit for autumn – I really like the sound of this pumpkin pie and chia breakfast pudding, by the lovely Raechel.



  1. Thanks for sharing my recipe, I hope you like it! : )

    Great round-up today! That documentary looks totally fascinating! And hooray for bikes and organic farming! : )

  2. A whole country converting to 100% organic farming – I love that idea so much! I would love NZ to be completely organic too! But I think we are far away from that idea..

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