Llama Winnfield

So if there’s one thing you should know about me, it is that I am a die-hard ‘Pulp Fiction’ fan. That, coupled with my love of animals, makes this picture totally, wonderfully, a-mazing and it never fails to make me smile (who can stay stressed/angry/sad when you have access to a picture of a llama who looks like Jules Winnfield? No one, is what I say).

Food waste at Universities

I have spent most of this week at the uni library. Some of that time has been spent bemoaning assignments at the uni cafe, and it makes me very sad to see the amount of waste generated in and around the bins (when I asked the cafe staff why food was always served in polystyrene trays, even to people who weren’t eating out, they said they didn’t have the money to hire someone to wash dishes. *Sigh*). So it’s nice to hear of these guys, who are working to reduce food waste at their own uni campus.

Just cook!

The assignment I’m writing right now is about our changing food culture (from one that values home cooking, to one that survives on fast-food), and how the process of ‘McDonaldization’ has come to dominate western eating practices (to the detriment of our health). It seems that Mark Bittman was on the same wavelength when he wrote this interesting piece.

I scream, you scream

It’s officially autumn here, but the days are still warm, and the other day a friend and I walked along the beach, ice-creams in hand, and I could have almost convinced myself it was still summer. If Auckland blesses us with a few more days like this, then I’ll definitely feel inspired to make this delicious chai and coconut ice-cream.



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