Love is love!

I’m so, so proud of New Zealand, which legalised same-sex marriage on wednesday. If you haven’t already, watch MP Maurice Williamson’s speech – it’s funny, touching, and above all, stands for what matters most: freedom and equality.

A reason to like McDonalds?

I’m not about to be hitting up McD’s anytime soon, but the McDonald’s in the UK have announced a switch to 100% British Freedom Food labelled pork (pig farms that have this label provide their animals with far better care than the guidelines prescribed by minimum welfare standards). It is, at the very least, a step in the right direction. Hopefully other chains and McDonalds in other countries will follow suit!

The silver lining

This article describes how, in the wake of Cuba’s economic collapse in the early 1990’s, the country’s health actually improved dramatically. Why? Well at least in part, it was because Cuban citizens were forced to become vegan and adopt organic farming methods overnight! Consequently, the (limited) foods that were available were at least nutritious and free of toxic sprays and fertilisers… now I am hardly advocating for economic downturn and near-famine to improve population health, but it’s a powerful example of how the structures we have in place can help or hinder health.

I am going to make this ASAP

I read Laura Vincent’s blog for the writing (she has wit AND good music taste) as much as I do for her delicious recipes (not all are vegetarian, but those that are sound very, very good). Like this recipe for ‘Braised Lentils and Vegetables with Hazelnuts, Lemon and Thyme.’ Mmmmmmm…



  1. Love this edition of the SS! That Cuba article is fascinating. My partner is actually going on a delegation to Cuba next week and he’s visiting one of those organic co-ops!

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