Tea for two

1) Put the kettle on 2) Brew a pot of tea 3) Sip your tea whilst watching this video (you’ll be goofy-smiling within 10 seconds, I promise).

Slow it down

“We’re not machines. We’re not meant to be efficient. We’re meant to meander and double back on things. Ideas and innovation do not come out of efficiency.” Sumner talks about our culture’s obsession with “efficiency,” and how she reckons we’ve got it all wrong.


It is heart breaking what this huge corporation is doing. And it feels overwhelming to think about – what can we do? But I urge you to please watch this amazing video. And then sign this. It’s a small thing, but it’s something.


I have never heard of sumac. Have you? But this salad looks delicious and easy, and I’m always up for experimenting with new ingredients (as long as I don’t have to go on a wild goose chase to find them 😉 ).



  1. two things:
    1. is there anything better than a pot of tea? I think not!
    2. discovered sumac in istanbul recently – absolutely delicious! must source some to make that salad – thanks for the heads up.

    • 1. No, I don’t think so – although soy flat whites often compete 😉 (the other day, I went to a cafe that serves coffee-infused tea… I think that’s taking things TOO FAR.)
      2. Ooh, well now I really have to try it!!

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