Vegetable animals! (or animal vegetables?)

Goodness knows none of us need more plastic crap in our lives. But these guys are just so darn adorable! Pointless, yes, but happiness-inducing-cuteness counts for something, right? 😉 (I mean, just look at the banana dolphin!!)

Something fishy...

A dear friend of mine informed me in this post about the use of ‘fish fertiliser’ in the production of fruit (blood and bone is often used too). This got us thinking: how vegetarian/vegan are fruits and vegetables? A google search reveals some, but not a lot, of conversation surrounding this topic. The general consensus among those who have contributed to these discussions is this: get as much produce as possible from a local farmer’s market [and ask them what fertiliser they use] and grow anything you possibly can. Of course, that option is not available to all vegetarians/vegans! How do/would you navigate this issue?

Mediterranean diet improves food security

The Science Daily reported on a study which ”is believed to be the first to show a decrease in food insecurity – or a lack of access to nutritional foods for at least some days or meals for members of a household – as the result of an intervention… The findings showed that individuals who participated in a six-week cooking program and followed simple, plant-based recipes decreased their total food spending, purchased healthier food items and improved their food security.” Plants for the win, baby!

Beet it

I’m learning to love beetroot. It’s a slow process, but I think I’m getting there. I want to love them – they’re beautiful, for a start. Yet for years it has been the one vegetable I just haven’t warmed to. But my body hasn’t been feeling its best lately, and time and time again, I’m told of the seemingly miraculous healing power of beetroot.  So I decided to bite the bullet beetroot, and find ways to make it taste good. And you know what? It’s working! On friday night, I made a carrot and beet salad with a tahini dressing, and it was really, really good! This beet green chopped salad from Sprouted Kitchen also uses tahini, so I’ll definitely give that a go too!



    • Ugh, I know. And to be honest, other than the new vegetable garden I’ll be building soon, I don’t really see a way around it! But yes, on the plus side I AM learning to like beetroot : ) I’ll be trying beet juice next…

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