A day in the life


My breakfast most mornings: Porridge with hot apple, pumpkin seeds, honey, A LOT of cinnamon, and soy milk


These shoes are made for runnin’

and that’s just what they’ll do

one of these days these shoes

are gonna run all over you

(I’m talking to you, freakishly steep hill)


View from the top of said hill


The last of summer’s flowers! Ahh, I’ll miss you (all you northern-hemispherians are celebrating spring, but here the autumn leaves are falling and things are turning brown, brown, brown).


Lunch = Bean salad (all kinds of beans! + chickpeas) with sweetcorn, finely chopped pickles, a dash of chilli sauce and olive oil. Delicious!


After a blue-sky summer, the days are getting a little more grey around these parts. But it’s still balmy.


Tea, to accompany me while I study, read, write and blog 🙂


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