Anyone who knows me well will assume the following is an April fools day joke. But I promise you it’s not!

For 30 days i.e. the whole of April, I will give up coffee. Ugh, there I said it. Now I suppose I better stick to it, huh? 😉

I’ve been drinking coffee for 11 years. As a young teenager, I started drinking coffee at 4am on the morning of horse shows. And then after school at cafes with girlfriends, because it made us feel SO GROWN UP. My loyalty has shifted from the latte to the cappuccino to the trim flat white, and has now finally settled on the wonderfulness that is the soy flat white. Ahhh, just writing about it makes me long for its silky smooth texture and Christmas-every-day taste… but no! Enough. I am a coffee-addict, and I don’t want to be. I will never say that I will never drink coffee again (why deprive myself of such pleasure forever??), but the belief that I can’t go a day without it? That’s ridiculous. And expensive! And also, I really don’t think it’s doing my body much good.

So there it is – a self imposed lent of sorts. I’ll let you know how it goes.



  1. Good luck! I’ve never been a coffee drinker, but I know it’s a big struggle for a lot of people. Try green teas, yerba mate, and roasted dandelion tea in its place. : )

  2. It’s probably more a routine…you are used to having your coffees in specific situations and breaking routines is soooo hard! try carrot juice instead 😛

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