Because it’s Easter

Here’s a video of two baby rabbits in cups twitching their noses. You’re welcome.

Ethical fashion?

Kathleen Lee-Joe discusses Topshop’s campaign to combat fur for fashion – a move supported by PETA. But Topshop was in the press not that long ago for imposing appalling work conditions in their overseas factories, which go largely unregulated. Kathleen asks, does it make sense that brands like Topshop can support one good cause (and be applauded for it) while neglecting another? What do you think?

Racism is bad for our bodies

In the wellness world, we’re often warned of the effects that sugar, toxins and fats can have on our bodies. But in this The Atlantic article, Jason Silverstein talks about the devastating effects that experiences of racism can have on physical health. It is a powerful article that reminds us that health is not only about individual action and responsibility – it is about society, too.

Cauliflower… for dessert?

I love lemon flavoured things. Lemon tarts are THE BEST. (and lemon pie, lemon cake, lemon sorbet… I could go on 😉 ). So I’ve been hunting the inter webs for healthy alternatives to some of my other favourites, and I came across Leanne Vogel’s vegan lemon pudding. It’s made with cauliflower! I’m too curious not to try it!



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