Woof, woof

A double-dose of do-gooding dogs (how many points do I get for that tongue twister??): In the USA, the Michigan Humane Society have paired incarcerated men with behaviourally challenged dogs so that they can help each other reenter society. In NZ, Auckland grandmothers are using dogs to help improve children’s self esteem.

Vegan myths debunked

This video is a year old now, but I only just stumbled across it. Iris and Jonathan sing about the vegan diet, and it’s funeee. Watch it for LOLZ (and if you’re a vegan, singing this can be your new party trick).

Environmental racism is not kosher

Caren Cooper argues that “…ignorance is always the friend of oppression. Knowledge […] is a consistent ally of justice,” in this compelling article on ‘environmental racism,’ factory farming, and how scientific research helped bring justice to a community.

Bloody oranges

Is it blood orange season where you live? I’ll have to wait until July/August before they’re in season here in NZ, but as soon as they are, I’m going to try and make Elenore’s beautiful raw citrus cake and Gena’s blood orange kale salad with almonds.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend! x


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